What’s in a number?

In a country that values numbers, a two digit domain name is the rarest and most valuable number of them all.

What about car registration plates?

Even if you could get a two digit plate for your car, it would hardly be unique.

Perhaps you want to celebrate your birth year of 1995?

Across all the emirates and all the plate codes, there are over 60 ways to have the number “95” on your car.

And it could cost you well in excess of 2 million Dirhams to acquire just one of those plates.

Perhaps a mobile phone number?

The problem with mobile phone numbers is that you simply cannot get a two digit one.

So if you wanted to gift someone a phone number relating to their 35th birthday, there are almost countless ways to represent it in a ten digit phone number.

And depending on how VVVVVIP you want your number, it could cost you in excess of 100,000 Dirhams.

Why a two digit .ae domain?

Unlike car registration plates, there will only ever be a single instance of a two digit .ae domain name, such as this one.

Unlike mobile phone numbers, there is only a single way to represent a two digit number in a .ae domain name, therefore, there is no possible overlap with someone else’s identy.

With a two digit .ae domain, you have a unique way to represent yourself, your brand, or your business to the world.

Numbers are the universal language, and no-one will ever forget a two digit number.

Mine is 05.

What’s yours?



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